Monday, 25 March 2013

Well we're all in the mood for a melody...

So it turns out that (in the main) the teething problems haven't been Shrek's fault: I've been turning the tension down instead of up a lot (?!?!?!) and the thread I've been using isn't very well wound and frequently slips off the bottom of the reel to assume a vice-like grip around the spindle, obviously royally interfering with the tension in the process!

Poor Shrek. We're friends now, and have made something pretty special I think... :)

After a few practice runs, I decided to keep the right side completely black (save the odd gun metal thread poking through during Tension Gate) and use more straight stiching and very fine zigzags (the first more dense piece is really quite heavy for a hat!) [Apologies - the photos here don't quite show the distinction accurately!]

Practice makes...
 Even if I do say so myself! ;)

Dry (wet) run

I realise that the instructions say that this is exactly what will happen, but I couldn't believe my eyes when the aquafilm did actually just melt away to leave the free standing embroidery - it's like magic, and very cool indeed!! :)
On the aqua film
Soaked in warm water for a moment or two
Free standing free motion embriodery! Magic!!
(Luckily, I was advised to make sure there's a warp and a weft in place - if you're going to have a go yourself this is crucial as it's the only thing holding everything firm.)

Fine Tuning

I haven't decided yet whether this one is to be called 'Elton' or 'Liberace' - what do you think? I'm tempted to do another one in glittery thread, so bear that in mind when you're deciding! ;)

Just a couple of seams left to go!

I just ('just' ha) need to add a wire frame to hold the shape firm, sew the final seams up by hand, and perch him on a little base. Oh, and find a buyer / occasion to wear it! ;) Hoping to accomplish at least the first three to show you next Monday!

My beautiful crackle glazed handles arrived this week - in the end I couldn't decide on the colour so I got one of each and I love them!

And with the Shrek's whirring still ringing in my ears there's just time to show you Alfie's artisic adventures this weekend (rather arty photo opportunities on (and after!) our snowy walks, and his highly accurate illustrations of Chaos Theory in the garden)...

The Handmade Monday crew have been busy this week too - why not indulge yourself too and I'll see you next week! :)


  1. Goodness, you learn something new all the time on peoples blogs. What a fun thing to do. When I saw the first photo I wondered what on earth it was going to be and then....a piano appeared. Brilliant.

    1. Ha! To be honest I had doubts myself throughout the process about how it was going to turn out - and then a piano appeared! ;) Phewf!!

  2. Amazing! You are so very clever. There must be loads of applications for this and now you know why it was so difficult there will be no stopping you!!

  3. A great make - and great nail polish!

  4. Oh wow! It already looks amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished article - poor old Shrek - glad you've made friends again now ;-) Simmi x

    1. Ah thanks!! I know, I feel bad for telling him off!! I've wired the whole thing now but still haven't actually got up the courage to dissolve the aqua film... Hope to have pulled myself together by next Monday ha! ;)