Monday, 4 March 2013

Tweed dreams

What a week! First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone who has kindly followed me on Twitter and liked my Facebook page this week (61 likes so far - amazing!), as well as people's fab feedback on the new website! I am also very proud of my first magazine moment! I put an advert in March's wedding edition of Warwickshire Life magazine, which also kindly asked me to contribute a top tip for their Making Magical Marriages feature!

After so much computer time / life admin / social networking, it's been great to get back into the studio this week. Here's what I've been up to...

Hubble bubble tweed and trouble

This is the second of the tweed hats for the Linda Harper window display, using my new bubble crown block! I had initially intended the bow to sit centrally on the lower edge of the back of the hat, but (as is often the way once the hat and its personality are born!) I changed my mind as I was about to sew it on after some experimental positioning and much prefer its flirty offset position on the front!

Tweed bubble: Irish tweed on a canvas foundation with cotton shell edged lining, with offset tweed bow

I also used my new cotton lining on the inside - I think I've discovered yet another new addiction! ;)

Spring chickens (well, pheasants)

The two tweeds I've done so far could be considered a little autumnal now the sunshine's out at last (welcome back - we've missed you!) so I was inspired to make a spring hat with some bright dyed pheasant feathers providing the hattitude! The lining in this one is Thai silk, which looks like water when the fabric's flowing over my desk - working with such beautiful fabrics is one of my favourite things about my new occupation! :)
Waltzer: Tufted tweed button on canvas foundation with dyed and curled pheasant feathers

Cupboard love

I'm desperate to have all my new blocks to hand and ready to use (and out for admiration purposes - some of them are so old that they're little works of art in their own right!) so this weekend I got this cupboard from The Lions which is just the job!

This way to Narnia...

I've taken the doors off (I'm pretty sure this was actually a children's wardobe!) and wrapping papered the back; shelves to be added (c/o Dad) :) tonight. And I'm going to paint the front of the drawers with blackboard paint so I can keep a track of their contents. I can't wait for the blocks to be sitty pretty in their new home!

Monster mug!

I've also been drinking a LOT of tea this weekend in my newly fired Crazy Kiln mug - I'm so pleased at how well it's come out! I think the shop was impressed too - three of our pieces were in the window display! :)

Handmade Monday

It's a short and sweet update from me this week with only 6 days to report, so head over to Handmade Monday and see what everyone else has been up to. Top tips: CatkinJane's fabric cards (it seems my tweed obsession is catching!); Free Spirit Designs' nesting bird coasters (just what I need for my new mug!); Handbags by Helen's beautiful fabric buckets and purses; Annie's Table's tea embroidery (so true!); and Tickled Pink's Orange Rice Cake (Natalie - I have sent you the recipe!) ;)

Aiming to finish off some origami projects this week (I've got permission from David Brill to incorporate his amazing horse design into a racing hat!), so have a good one my dears and see you next Monday!


  1. I look forward to hearing Natalie's comments on the cake!
    I love the hat with the bow, so stylish - reminds me of the 1920's, but different as it is in the tweed.
    Look forward to seeing the finished cupboard too - love the idea of having blackboard paint on the front so that you can note what's in it.

    1. I'm looking forward to her baking it! ;)

      Thanks! Yes I think they were much more into felt back then! I like mixing up styles / eras / materials and seeing what I get, exciting!

      One coat down, one to go - just trying to find some affordable happy ceramic handles and it's ready! :)

  2. I really like the idea of chalking the drawers - my trouble would come when it came to keeping the info up to date (that or unhelpful little fingers.) I am so cross that I missed the shop opening :( Will check it out now. (I like the way the feathers curve around the hat).

    1. Ha yes totally know what you mean! I was thinking of keeping my labels fairly loose ('simanay' / 'silk') to combat that, failing that I'll keep a damp cloth and chalk handy! ;)

      Ah don't worry, hope you enjoy it!

      Thank you! I'm pretty pleased with the Waltzer I must admit (although my fingers were still blue from all the dye the next morning!) x

  3. Love the tweed hat. Very elegant.

  4. Your hats look beautiful. I have a thing about surprise fabric linings, and am more drawn to a piece of clothing if there is one. I used to have a plain cream coat, but it had such a pretty white lining covered in tiny roses. I think it's a little extra detail that can make such a difference.
    Congratulations on your magazine feature.
    Wendy x

  5. Ah thank you Wendy! I know exactly what you mean! I've got a couple of pieces of clothing with really extraordinary linings, I always feel great wearing them! Fingers crossed they provide the hats with an extra little oomph :) x