Monday, 11 March 2013

A little less conversation...

Oh dear, it's been a bad week. As a result, no hat pictures as such to share, but I have got a few photos to show for an otherwise slightly few frustrating days!

For the high jump

Dave Brill kindly gave me permission to incorporate his origami horse design into a hat for Ascot. I knew it was going to test my folding skills (there are 53 steps in the instructions!), and I'm not admitting defeat, but I'm going to have to come back to it another day when I'm feeling especially patient.

Ear apparent: It turns out it is impossible to fold horse ears for the first time when said ears are smaller than one's little finger nail >_<

So near and yet so far: Take two - big enough for the ears but now I'm well and truly stuck!
I know it'll be worth all this in the end but for now this remains a work in progress...!

A place for everything and everything in its place

After putting in the new shelves on Tuesday, Dad and I realised that we'd rather underestimated the weight of the blocks as all the shelves began to bow worringly in the middle! Double thickness boards saved the day, and I spent a happy afternoon belatedly settling my blocks and equipment into their new home. I'm just trying to pick four pretty ceramic drawer knobs out of the hundreds available online (I'm not good at this sort of decision!) and it'll be finished :)

Moving day


I even managed to find new homes for 90% of the stuff cluttering my desk, and now have a super wide table space perfect for cutting fabric again - can't wait to get started!

Flower power

I learned how to make these as giant flowers from the blog of one of my favourite crafty places back in the big smoke, Homemade London (which always, always has beautiful windows!). Since yesterday's weather was particularly bleak and snowy, we thought these would help inject a bit of spring into Mothering Sunday - and Mum loved them :)

Handmade Monday

Fortunately other people seem to have had more success this week at Handmade Harbour's weekly update! Favourites this time include Ginx Craft's bumblebee booties; Crochet Eclectics' cloche hat; Fat Monica's cute Mothers' Day card; and Amigurumi Barmy's adorable bunny.

Right, I'm off to channel some positive thinking and ignore origami horses ;) See you next week!


  1. I think your horse is looking good considering. I am sure you will get their in the end. Your flowers certainly bring a bit of sunshine to the arctic conditions we seem to be having today! Hope that this week is slightly better for you :)

    1. Ah thanks my dear, amazing what a few choice words of encouragement can do! I'm on the case ;) x

  2. I love the idea of the horse on a hat.Good luck with it-I really wouldn't have the patience!The flowers look brilliant,no wonder your mum loved them.

  3. Wow - good on you for having the perseverance to try the origami horse more than once!! It'll look amazing on a hat! Simmi x