Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Plan

Four months ago, my life turned upside down - suddenly single, I despised my corporate job and felt totally jaded with the London existence. So, given my new found independence, I decided to do something about it and start again: I quit my job, moved back home to the Shire, dyed my hair bright orange (of course!) and eagerly hatched The Plan...
Over the next couple of months, I'm having some time out of the rat race to try and make a proper go of my passion for hatting. From the sensible yet banal necessities of business planning and shameless self promotion, to the exciting experiments of new materials, improbable ideas and setting up my new studio in the 'little back bedroom' (kindly and temporarily gifted to me by the 'rents to avoid the whole house being covered in snapped pins, knotted thread and sinamay offcuts), I'll be recording my exploits and endeavours and hoping that someone (anyone?!) somewhere (anywhere!?) thinks it's interesting!
(Also, I stopped smoking yesterday and need a regular something to keep me occupied - blogging seems like a safe bet..!)


  1. Wow. I never realised that you took such a huge leap, in so many ways! True admiration. xx

  2. Oh thank you! Haven't regretted it yet! ;) x