Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Plastic procrastination

Today I am supposed to be learning to write a business plan. I have a lot of websites about how to write a business plan open in front of me, and frankly it's all very confusing. So I've been blowing bubbles.

Typically, millinery involves a lot of natural materials, because they retain whatever shape you steam / press / stretch / stiffen them into. My recent magazine mining however, has revealed a new and unexpected penchant for the plastic fantastic, and I was particularly taken with the idea of wet look, translucent but permanent bubbles à la Hussein Chalayan's infamous bubble dress. His bubbles seem to be made of two part plastic spheres, which are fine on a dress but pretty heavy for headwear. With a bit of internet research, I discovered Magic Plastic...
It's a little messy initially, but you basically blob a bit of plastic out of the tube into your hand, mould it onto the end end of the pipe, gently blow until you've got a bubble, then twist and pinch the other end shut! i'd say 'Magic' covers it! :)
I'm not sure how long these will last, or how practical they are for the great british wet weather, and because they're PVA based I'm also not sure how best to fix them onto a suitable base without melting holes into the surfaces - further expertimentation is definitely required, but as a first go, I'm pretty excited about my bubbles.

And then I'll definitely get on with the business plan.

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