Monday, 21 January 2013

Speculative snow days

Afternoon all! Hope you're all enjoying the snow! Luckily my 'commute' to the studio (next door to my bedroom!) hasn't been curtailed by the weather, and so this week I've been expertimenting whilst wearing two jumpers...

A quick trip into town for lace turned into a voyage of dicsovery at my local haberdashers. Whilst entirely syntehetic (and therefore punishingly stubborn to work with - when will I learn!?!), I knew this velvety upholstery fabric would make a super smart button hat. I've made quite a few buttons recently so in the interests of variety I added a backing piece so that the button can stand upright on a separate base (still to come). I think the petersham bows add femininity whilst maintaining the clean lines.

Bow belle: Piled upholstery fabric with petersham bows (Work in progress)

A quick sift through my silk supplies revealed this gorgeous orange dupion which made me crave the sunshine! I've ordered some exciting feathers to turn this into a spectacular phoenix inspired head piece.

Phoenix: Orange silk dupion button (Work in progress)

My part time London landlady / full time fabulous friend is off to a 1920's themed party in a couple of weeks - she'll be rocking this chic flapper headband, which features peacock and rooster feathers with diamante beads.
Fabulous flapper: Feathers and beading on petersham headband

As much as I love the long game of blocking and adorning silk hats, every now and again a quick fix project keeps the momentum going. I love how the silver wire on this butterfly adorned percher glitters in the light, and it's surprisingly light and comfortable too!

Butterfly chain: Knitted wire on headband with silk butterflies

Finally, I wanted to try gathering silk velvet on the teardrop block - it hasn't come out brilliantly in this photo (apologies), but the gathering really shows off the fabric's beautiful sheen. Only sparkling decoration will do I think!

Velvet cushion teardrop
Handmade Monday
I'm finally embracing the 'adventures' of formal business planning this week (sensible hats on please!) so there won't be an update next week - spreadsheets and research notes don't make for especially exciting photos... Handmade Monday will still be going strong though if you need a creative fix. This week is the 100th post (woop!) and my highlights feature Mad Bird Designs' Victorian adverts; Myths and Fabrications' delightful felted bunnies; Mumaroo's indulgent chocolate traffic cones; and Cat Like Curiosity's kitty shoes. Thanks to everyone who takes part in Handmade Mondays for sharing their inspiring endeavours and ideas, and especially those who take the time to comment (which always gives me such a boost!). And of course thanks most of all to Wendy for making it all happen in the first place! :)

Wish me luck, and I'll see you in a fortnight!


  1. Hi Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the wee doggie and the liquorice - hm is that howit's spelt? - allsorts hat x Joan

  2. Glad the snowy weather hasn't caused you any probs getting to work. I do love your work, very striking. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Another group of amazing hats! My favourite would have to be the knitted wire one - did you knit the wire yourself or buy it ready knitted. Hope that you manage to find a bit of time for creativity this week :)

  4. Following your very enthusiastic comment on my blog about the cylinder necklaces, I have made one to your specification, for you. If you could let me know your address in some way (e-mail or dm on twitter) then I will get it to you :)

  5. Good Luck! Fab hats and Happy 100th, Jo x